The Top 3 Snoring Remedies That Don’t Work – and One That Does


Snoring can be difficult to self-diagnose – that is until someone else is trying to sleep near you, and angrily informs you at three in the morning that you have been keeping them awake. This is usually how most people figure out that they snore in the first place.

There are plenty of so-called remedies out there, but which ones actually work? We are going to take a look at a few, and determine what is best.


Sleeping on Your Side

In theory, this will work just fine. In practice? It’s a little more complicated.

Sleeping on your side can reduce the pressure at the back of your throat, which is where a lot of snoring originates. The problem is that individuals who sleep on their back tend to wind up on their back regardless of their intentions to sleep otherwise.

People have a tendency to settle into the most comfortable position. Because this happens when they are asleep, there isn’t a whole lot they can do about it.

The Verdict: Starting out on your side, or switching to your side anytime you wake up can help, but you are probably going to end up on your back and snoring again.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are flexible, adhesive strips which gently lift your nostrils open, allowing more air to flow through your nose.

Snoring that is caused by blocked nasal passages tends to happen to people who are suffering from colds, or allergies. In these cases, their snoring is only temporary anyway. Plus, lying down tends to clog your sinuses when you are sick, regardless of whether you are using a nasal strip.

The Verdict: Nasal strips may help you get a better quality of sleep when you are sick, but you will probably still wake up at some point with a stuffy nose. Your snoring will subside once you are feeling better.

Special Pillows

There are some pillows specifically marketed as snoring remedies. We run into the same problem here that we ran into with side sleeping…

The Verdict: If the pillow is forcing you into an uncomfortable position, you will find a way to slide off of it while you are sleeping, and snore away.


Mouthpieces work by positioning your lower jaw slightly forward to prevent your throat from vibrating, causing that snoring sound. They are usually made out of malleable plastic, which can be custom fitted to your mouth, making sure your jaw stays put.

Another perk: these mouthpieces is that they work no matter what position you get yourself into at night.

The Verdict: Go for it! In fact, why not make it a two-pronged attack? Bauer nutrition offers the Airsnore combo, which is a mouthpiece that comes along with oil drops you can use on your chest and neck to help you breathe easier all night.


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