Six Surprising Health Benefits of Gin


When listing off health foods in your mind, it’s probably safe to assume that “gin” doesn’t show up anywhere. Yet, when going back to the origins of the gin and tonic, you may be surprised to discover that it was invented as a medicinal drink. Tonic water contains quinine, a cure for malaria, and when paired with gin, makes a very palatable drink that’s also packed with important health properties.

Here are six reasons why gin can actually be good for you:

Increased Circulation

Alcohol is a natural blood thinner, but when paired with the antioxidant properties of juniper berries – the main ingredient in gin – it can also help increase circulation, and maintain vascular health. Studies show that those who drink a small amount of gin each day have healthier veins and arteries as they age. If you’re unable to take medically prescribed blood thinners, talk to your doctor about natural alternatives such as gin.


Joint Pain Relief

Juniper berries really are a superfood, and one of their most amazing properties is their ability to act as an anti-inflammatory. Gin can be especially helpful to people suffering from arthritis related joint pain, rheumatism, or gout. A moderate dose of gin can be less harsh on your system than some mega-dose NSAID medications, and some patients find that a single drink does more to relieve their joint pain anyway!


Natural Cold Remedy

Gin is also a natural expectorant. This means it can help break up chest congestion and promote productive coughing. In fact, gin was prescribed as a cold remedy years before modern-day cough syrup came around. If you find that cough medicines irritate your stomach, or if you simply don’t like the side effects associated with many cold medicines, you might consider a dose of gin on the rocks to help alleviate a persistent cough.


It’s Good for Women’s Health

Irregular periods can lead to several issues, especially if you are trying to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. Amazingly, gin has been shown to help jump-start a late period. Women who struggle with irregular menstrual cycles may find that they can more accurately predict their next period if they begin using gin to regulate their cycles.


It’s a Diuretic

If you’re suffering from water retention or bloat, gin has a wonderful way of encouraging the liver and kidneys, prompting these organs to do their job and flush out your system. Not only that, but much like cranberry juice has been shown to alleviate or prevent urinary tract infections, gin has similar properties. Because gin is mainly made from juniper berries combined with a mixture of herbs, it is a much gentler and more natural remedy than over-the-counter diuretic pills.

It Can Make You Look Younger

In some studies, gin has actually been shown to prevent wrinkles from forming on the skin. Of course, there is a threshold with this. Too much alcohol can dry out your skin and lead to damage, but a small amount of gin taken occasionally can help provide a youthful glow and maintain elasticity.


As always, speak to your doctor about how best to address your health issues, and be sure to ask about gin before incorporating it into your routine.


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