How to Enjoy the Christmas Holidays without Packing on the Pounds


If you’re worried about maintaining your weight this holiday season, you’re not alone. Staying in control when the temptation is high is a challenge for many people, but you can get through it. Here are five ways to keep from overeating this Christmas. 

1: Get Determined

The first step to keeping those pounds off during the holidays is to simply get determined to stay on track with your weight management goals. This means more than just giving yourself a quick pep talk, but it requires you to consciously think about how successful you want to be this holiday season. Think about last Christmas. How much did you eat, and what caused you to overeat? Evaluate last seasons failures, and then get determined not to let it happen again. Write down your goals and plans to help drive home the importance.  


2: Give Yourself Some Leeway

The last thing you want to do is sit at a dinner party and count calories all day. The holidays should be about enjoying yourself and being with family and friends, and you can’t do that if you worry about every bite of food that goes in your mouth. Give yourself some leeway for extra calories. You should not eat a whole cake, but a slice or two during the holidays won’t hurt.

The key to being successful here is to plan ahead of time. Plan how many calories you want to intake, or be prepared to do a few extra miles on the treadmill. The point is to give yourself room to have fun, and just enjoy the season.

3: Know Your Triggers

During the holidays, temptations are all around you and food is everywhere. This is why it’s  important to know your triggers and to be conscious of them at all times. Are you a big fan of chocolate, then make sure you give yourself some leeway, but don’t hang around the chocolate cake too long. After you have a slice, move away from it and engage in some fun conversation.

Some people find that they like to snack on food while they chat it up  with others. If this is the case, just take a few healthy snacks along with you.

4: Don’t Leave Home Hungry

One of the best ways to keep the calories off during the holiday season is to eat at home before you leave. Even if you have to make yourself a quick sandwich, do it so that you can consciously select what you want to eat while you’re out. If you’re starving and you get to a dinner party with lots of carbs and sugary sweets, you’re going to give in to the temptation. It’s a lot easier to have control when you’re not extremely hungry during the holidays. Also, try drinking a little extra water before dinner. This will definitely keep you from overeating.


5: Stay Active

During the holidays it’s also important to stay active. This doesn’t mean that you have to be on the treadmill all day, but while you’re out at those dinner parties, get up and walk around a bit. Don’t sit and just eat, as this can surely help you pack on the pounds and even make you feel a bit sluggish. Play charades or another game that involves movement. This helps burn off that extra food quickly, and gives you a boost of energy.

Christmas is a time for celebration and catching up with friends and family, not the time for you to be worried about food, calories and weight gaining. However, it’s still important to monitor what you eat to make sure that you keep your weight on track. Planning ahead of time is the most important thing that you can do to make sure that you’re successful this holiday season at keeping your weight under control.



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