How Green Tea Can Aid Slimming


Green tea has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past 10 to 15 years. Once science had a better understanding of the importance of antioxidants in our diets, green tea was touted as an excellent source, as well as an all-around health booster.

But there may be more to this unassuming beverage than we originally thought. Some studies are beginning to show that green tea can actually aid slimming. In other words, it might be a good idea to begin incorporating some green tea into your dieting regime.

Here’s why…

Appetite Suppression

Recent research seems to indicate that green tea is a natural appetite suppressant. In other words, drinking green tea will help you take in fewer calories without even trying. While it is true that not every study agrees on this point, there are other important benefits to keep in mind.

Drinking green tea is very hydrating. For some people, hunger and thirst signals can become mixed up in the brain, which leads to them snacking rather than drinking. By keeping yourself well hydrated with a healthy beverage like green tea, your brain will not be sending out thirst signals as frequently, and your system will have fewer opportunities to confuse them with hunger signals.

Furthermore, drinking helps to fill your stomach between meals, so you are less likely to seek out snacks.


Increased Fat Burning

We have two types of fat in our bodies: subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin, and can spread out to all areas of the body.

Visceral fat is much more dangerous. This is the fat that surrounds your major organs, and causes that belly distension. This fat is responsible for conditions such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and heart disease. It is also harder to get rid of than subcutaneous fat.

This is where green tea comes in. Green tea may not help you burn more overall fat than you would with regular diet and exercise, but what it can do is target visceral fat over subcutaneous fat. In other words, the fat you lose will be the dangerous and unhealthy kind.

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Higher Metabolic Rate

Of course, there is no miracle pill that will help you ramp up your metabolism to lofty new heights, but green tea does have the ability to slightly increase your metabolic rate.

Your body burns calories all day, every day. Even people who are bedridden in hospital will use up calories. The number of calories required to maintain your body at rest is known as your base metabolic rate.

The interesting effect that green tea can have is to increase your base metabolic rate by approximately three to four percent (although some studies claim it could go as high as eight percent). This means that just by drinking green tea, your system will be burning three to four percent more calories than it would be doing otherwise.

When it comes to weight loss, every little bit helps. Taken cumulatively over a long period of time, a three or four percent increase in your metabolic rate could have a very positive impact on your health.

It can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fantasy when it comes to nutritional supplements. The bottom line is that green tea does have some health benefits, particularly for those striving to lose weight. Remember to speak to your doctor when you are beginning any weight loss journey, and be sure to mention green tea during your checkup.

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