Could Protein Shakes Aid Your Weight Loss?


If you’re looking to add protein shakes into a new health and workout regime, you’ll naturally want to make sure that all of the good work you’re doing in the gym isn’t compromised by a single drink in the morning.

To help put your mind at ease, here are some facts that show how adding protein shakes to your diet can actually help you lose more weight.


Protein Satiates Hunger

If you have the choice between a protein shake or a carbohydrate-dense snack, go with the protein shake.

Here’s why:

Taking in protein actually helps to decrease levels of hunger-causing hormones while at the same time increasing appetite-suppressing hormones. What this means in practical terms is that eating or drinking protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied for much longer than a typical snack food would.

It also means that you’re less likely to go back for extra snacks throughout the day that will pack in additional unnecessary calories. On average, people who substitute a snack or meal with a protein shake consume fewer calories than those who do not.

Protein Prevents Muscle Loss

During a workout – whether it’s mild or intense – your body is continually breaking down muscle fibers. When the muscle fibers are once again built back up, they will be stronger and better equipped to complete the same actions the next time you work out. This explains how you can lift bigger weights after a few weeks of practice. But the only way your body can successfully rebuild muscle fiber is if you’re taking in enough protein.

Drinking a protein shake will help provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build strong muscles. It will also supply sufficient energy to facilitate the process, as rebuilding muscle fiber burns a lot of calories. As your body composition changes, it will result in less fat and more muscle.


High Protein Diets Can Blast Belly Fat

Many studies have shown that obese patients who switched to a high protein diet upon their doctor’s recommendation lost significantly more weight, especially around the belly. You may have heard of high protein “miracle diets” such as the Atkins or Paleo, however there’s no real miracle involved at all. It’s just science. But it’s quite simple:

When a person who is overweight begins eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates, their body starts to burn the excess fat stored in their bodies rather than sugars and starches which are no longer as readily available.

There are a number of ways you can increase protein intake. Alongside protein shakes, whole foods such as lean meat, eggs, and dairy contain a lot of protein and can assist in fat loss.

Which Protein is Right?

When choosing which protein shake is right for you, consider the options carefully. Remember that a high calorie shake may have unnecessary added sugar, and of course, if you have any allergies, always read the label carefully.

If you choose to replace meals with protein shakes, your best bet will be to look for a supplement that will provide you with additional nutrients too. Bauer Nutrition’s 612 Protein has been developed by nutritionists for exactly this purpose.

Fuel your body right, and you’ll keep up a healthy activity level and still lose weight!


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