Are You Addicted to Sugar?


If you’ve got to have that piece of pie after dinner every night, or that quick pick me up in the afternoon that consists of a candy bar and soda, you may have a sugar addiction and not know it. Here are five simple ways to tell if you’re hooked on sugar.

You Eat Sweets When You’re Not Hungry

This is a dead giveaway for a sugar addiction. When you reach for that second piece of cake or bag of candy, you’re no longer hungry, but instead, feeding your addiction. The interesting thing about this is that it happens on autopilot. You mindlessly plow away at sweets all day without realizing it.

If you want to know how much sugar you’re really getting each day, simply write down everything you eat (even non-sweets because carbs turn into sugar). Your list doesn’t have to be fancy, just remember to jot it down before you eat. By the end of the day, you’ll be shocked at how much sugar (or carbs) you consume.

You Crave Lots of Carbs

Some people think they’re in the clear from a sugar addiction because they rarely ever have a craving for sweets. But this same group of people would eat a whole loaf of bread by themselves. This is a sugar addiction in disguise. Complex carbs like breads, rice, pasta and potatoes ultimately turn into glucose once in your blood stream. So filling up on these types of foods will give you the same spike in blood sugar levels as a soda.

You Feel Cranky without Your Sweet Fix

Ever felt cranky, or just plain mad when you couldn’t get to a piece of candy or something sweet to drink? Then you know that sugar addiction is real. This happens often, but most people dismiss it as them being hungry. Yet, the first thing they reach for is either a complex carb (remember potatoes, bagels, and rice) or a sugar-laden food like donuts or muffins.

To test this out, the next time you feel “hungry” to the point where you’re cranky, try having a salad. If you’re just as mad 15­-20 minutes after you’ve eaten it and would kill for a piece of bread, you’re a sugar addict.

You Eat More Sweets than You Intend To

Even sugar addicts set limits for themselves. The problem occurs when it’s time to implement those boundaries. It’s almost impossible. You can mentally say that you’re going to only have two teaspoons in your coffee or tea, but by the time you taste it, your body is giving off a strong reaction that it’s just not enough and you need more. You compromise with yourself and say that you’ll just add a little more, and then cut out something sweet later on, but of course, that never happens.

All Your Drinks Contain Sugar

If you cringe at the thought of drinking water and would prefer a soda with every meal, then

you’re probably addicted to sugar. Sugar addicts don’t pay much attention to this, but pretty

much everything they drink is sweet.

The same way we suggested you write down the types of foods that you eat, try tracking your beverages every day for a week. You may find you’re consuming more sugar from your drinks then you are in  foods. If this is the case, you could try drinking water infused with fruit. This won’t totally replace the sweet taste you’re looking for, but it will give you some satisfaction while you try to kick the habit.

Being addicted to sugar is a serious matter. Make sure you are familiar with the ingredients of any processed foods you eat and consume plenty of vegetables every day. This can help reduce the amount of sugar you intake, and slowly wean you off it so you can lower your risk of diabetes and live a healthy lifestyle.


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