5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet


Your feet transport you virtually everywhere you need to go. All this movement is bound to take it’s toll on your feet, and they’re frequently pushed to the limit. A relaxing foot soak here and there is OK for pampering when your feet are tired and worn out, but really, you should be taking care of them everyday. Here are five simple ways to do just that.  

Avoid Uncomfortable Shoes

Your shoes can either make or break your entire day. If they’re uncomfortable, then so are you until you take them off. Why bother with the discomfort when you can wear an alternative shoe that provides the support and relief to sustain you throughout the day. Now, if you’re fond of high heels and other “foot unfriendly” types of kicks, then this one may be hard to do. When high heels are the culprit, try a shorter heel instead of just wearing flats. Going from a 3-inch heel to a 2-inch heel could be just what you need to help ease the discomfort.

Soak and Massage

A good soaking and massage can help relax your feet after a long day. It doesn’t have to be a long soak either. 10-15 minutes in warm water and moisturising cleansers, coupled with a massage, can ease tension and work out those sore spots that come from wearing the wrong shoes. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the water. Some good ones for a foot soak are peppermint and lavender.

Always Moisturize

Moisturizing is sometimes the last thing on your mind when you’re running from the shower to the door for work in the morning, but moisturizing your feet is important. Dry, cracked heels can be painful, and lead to infection. You should apply foot cream or your regular moisturizer daily after you shower. If you’re already dealing with dry feet, then it’s even more important to start a good moisturizing regimen now. Wear socks to keep your skin soft and smooth.   

Keep them Clean

This is more of a summertime issue than anything. When you’re walking around in sandals or flip flops, your feet are exposed to dirt more than they are in a normal enclosed shoe. You may notice that you have to wash your feet twice a day if you’re out and about a lot in open shoes. You could keep a small bag of wipes in your car or purse to make this easier, or simply wash them twice per day with soap and water. Just remember to moisturize afterwards.

Get Regular Checkups

Whether you’re having issues with your feet or not, it’s important to get regular checkups just to make sure everything is OK. You don’t have to make a special trip to the podiatrist; just ask your regular doctor to take a quick peek. If you have bunions or other foot issues, then a visit to the podiatrist may not be a bad idea, just to keep your feet in tip top shape. Doctors can detect problems that you may not be aware of, because they know what to look for. Never underestimate the power of having a professional give your feet the green light.  

Keeping your feet in good shape is important for your overall health. Caring for them on a daily basis is the key, along with visiting a doctor every now and then to make sure all is well. Your feet endure a lot on a daily basis, and it’s up to you to keep them in good working condition. These five simple tips are a great start.


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