5 Naughty Foods Which Are Actually Great for Your Diet


Most people begin a new diet with the best of intentions. However, as many of us already know, it doesn’t take long for those old cravings to kick in. And we also know that denying ourselves our favorite snacks for too long can lead to a binge, or even giving up on the diet altogether.

Ready for a big secret? You can still enjoy many of your favorite naughty foods without negatively affecting your diet. For instance, you could be eating things like…


There is nothing especially evil about pasta, despite what some diets might claim. The main issue with pasta tends to be portion size. To continue enjoying pasta without sabotaging your diet, begin with half the amount you usually eat. In addition, if you tend to go for creamy sauces, maybe try marinara instead to save even more calories and to provide some healthy vitamins and amino acids too. This way, you can hit that craving without going overboard.



Yes, it’s commonly known that dark chocolate is healthy and loaded with antioxidants, but you can actually enjoy your old favorites too – just in smaller doses. Calorically speaking, you’re far better off enjoying a bite-sized bar of the real thing rather than choosing one of those “chocolate substitute” candy bars.

Some chocolate substitutes save on calories by replacing real sugar with a sugar alcohol which can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Overdo it on sugar-free chocolate once, and you’ll never do it again!



Eggs were once singled out as the main cause of high cholesterol in adults, but more recent studies show that eggs are actually very healthy. You don’t have to worry about using an egg substitute, or separating the whites from the yolks. A whole egg contains about six grams of protein, and many essential amino acids – all for under 80 calories.

Looking to eat less meat? Eggs are often a staple of a vegetarian diet.



There is something so comforting about ice cream, and when it is taken off the menu entirely, many dieters struggle with its sudden absence. It’s true that ice cream can be very high in calories and fat, but there are other options out there for you to try, and they are just as indulgent.

Gelato is a great option for those who are not ready to break up with ice cream just yet. This smooth, creamy, and flavorful Italian-style ice cream is made with more milk than cream and therefore contains less fat and fewer calories.



Bacon is another food that has been singled out as being extremely unhealthy. In response, many companies began offering bacon substitutes made from turkey, or other highly processed meats.

Believe it or not, you’re better off eating two slices of real pork bacon then you are eating the same portion of bacon substitute. The real deal only packs about 40 to 45 calories per slice, and it isn’t nearly as processed or artificially flavored. Pork bacon is also very satisfying due to its protein content, and can help curb hunger more effectively than prepackaged diet snacks.



So these five “naughty foods” are not so bad for you after all. Hopefully, an occasional visit with these old favorites will help you to stick to your healthy eating plan.


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