The Best Value for Money Fitness Trackers of 2017

Due to their cost, fitness trackers typically require a little more thought than the average impulse buy. But doing a little research ahead of time can really help inform your decision-making. With that in mind, here is our list of the best value for money fitness trackers of 2017.

Fitbit Charge 2

Cost: From around £119 / $150

You will probably see the Fitbit Charge 2 topping many lists, and for good reason. Fitbit fitness trackers are known for being very accurate and easy to use. This particular model offers heart rate monitoring – a fairly new development among fitness trackers. The Charge 2 also comes with some cool extra features such as guided breathing exercises, reminders to get up and move, specific workout tracking, and integrated GPS.

Stylistically speaking, the flat, rectangular display is sleek and unobtrusive, and the ability to swap out the wristband makes this a very versatile piece.

Apple Watch Series 2

Cost: From around £369.00 / $460

If you’re thinking about taking the smartwatch plunge, you might as well roll your fitness tracking needs into the purchase too. The Apple Watch Series 2 offers all the connectivity and interaction you’d expect from a smartwatch, along with a comprehensive fitness tracking capability. This device provides heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, and thanks to its waterproof design, swimmers will be happy to learn that they can track their workouts in the pool.

Needless to say, an Apple Watch will integrate seamlessly with an iPhone or iPad, meaning you can continually monitor your activity, sleep goals, and meal plan in several different ways.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Price: From around £357 / $447

This multifunctional tracker is pricier than others, but its versatility makes it far closer to a smartwatch than a regular fitness tracker. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT features a variety of preprogrammed workouts, allowing you to accurately assess calories burnt for everything from skiing to paddling. It will monitor your heart rate, and smart notifications from calls, texts, emails, and social media will pop up right on the watch face. It is also water resistant to 50m and runners will love the advanced analysis of their performance which includes a race predictor, ground contact, stride length, and recovery time advice.

Samsung Gear Fit2

Price: From around £140 / $170

Designed to sync with the Android OS, the Samsung Gear Fit2 offers seamless integration for Android smartphone users. (Of course, the downside is that iOS and Windows users won’t have connectivity.) But, assuming you do use an Android, and assuming you’re looking for a good quality fitness tracker that falls in the mid-price range, this one gets you a lot for your money. This device features heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS and a battery life that’s comparable to its Fitbit competition. The wide, clear display is both eye-catching and very responsive.

Withings Activité Steel

Price: From around £120 / $150

Let’s face it; most fitness trackers share a certain aesthetic – namely, a giant rubber wristband. Certainly, not everyone falls in love with this look, and furthermore, there are many situations where it simply isn’t appropriate.

Enter the Withings Activité Steel. This fitness tracker is perfectly disguised as a more formal wristwatch. The “Steel” is the mid-price option in the Activité line, with the “Pop” as the cheapest option, and the “Sapphire” being the most expensive. This unassuming wristwatch can do everything its more rubbery counterparts can do, including step counting and sleep monitoring. Withings has their own proprietary fitness app which you can download onto your smartphone, but these trackers also sync up seamlessly with other programs such as MyFitnessPal.

Jawbone UP3

Price: From around £53 / $66

If you’re looking for a stylish, straight-ahead fitness tracker, and don’t need too many extra bells and whistles, the Jawbone UP3 might be the perfect device for you. This tracker does step counting and sleep monitoring just like most other trackers, but what it doesn’t do is track specific exercises. In other words, you can’t tell it you’re about to go lift weights at the gym and have it record that specific workout. People who are just looking to keep a better eye on their overall activity level, or who aren’t necessarily religious gym-goers, might find everything they need in this affordably priced tracker.

Your Smartphone

Price: Varies

Here’s something you may not know: you might already own a fitness tracker. If you own a newer smartphone, there is a step counter, activity log, and sleep tracker already available to you. Look for “Apple Health” on iPhones, and “Google Fit” on Android devices. Naturally, you will be required to carry your smartphone with you at all times if you are looking to get an accurate step count, but this might be a great way to test-drive the concept of a fitness tracker before buying one.

Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas of where to start your own shopping comparisons. Whichever fitness tracker you wind up choosing, you should feel great about the fact that you’re ready to take a more active role in monitoring your health.


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