8 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Gym Bag

Whether you are beginning a brand-new gym routine, or are just looking to organize and streamline an overstuffed gym bag, we’ve selected the eight most essential items that every woman should bring to the gym. Use this list as a guide when packing your own bag to ensure a great workout.


Water Bottle

Probably the most important (and most often forgotten) item on this list. Staying properly hydrated during workout is super important, so make sure that you always have a backup water bottle stashed in your bag somewhere. If you are trying to run a 5K on the treadmill, or play a round of basketball, you won’t want to stop for frequent water fountain visits.

Lip Balm

All the huffing and puffing you do during a moderate to intense workout can cause your lips to dry out very quickly. This can become distracting, or even downright uncomfortable during your workout. Tackle the problem ahead of time by applying moisturizing lip balm before your workout.

Healthy Snacks

Yes there are probably vending machines at the gym, and yes they inexplicably have junk food available. Save yourself the money and the calories associated with a post-workout bag of chips, and stash a few healthy snacks in your bag. Look for packaged snacks with natural ingredients, a good amount of protein and fiber, and some healthy carbohydrates to help fuel your workout.


A Good Sports Bra

If you have ever forgotten to pack your sports bra, you already know how miserable it can be to try to work out with an underwire digging into your ribs. Look for a well-fitting and supportive bra to wear while at the gym. Many high-end bra stores also sell sports bras, believe it or not. It can be a bit pricey, but once you get fitted professionally, you will never want to work out without that bra again.

A Change of Clothes

Many women choose to swing by the gym on their way home from work, so they don’t think a change of clothes is necessary since they are usually heading straight home. However, trust us, at some point you are going to get invited out for cocktails, and you will be glad you had the change of clothes on hand ready to go.


It really can’t hurt to freshen up before and after an intense workout. Carrying deodorant in your bag is a must. Make sure to find a brand that doesn’t irritate your skin, and a fragrance you like.

Basic First Aid Supplies

Breaking in your new running shoes? Having a few Band-Aids and some antibiotic ointment on hand can really help if you should encounter any blisters or scrapes during your workout.

Antibacterial Wipes

As the months get colder, more people prefer to work out indoors. Unfortunately, the influx of new gym patrons happens exactly around the time that flu season is ramping up. Having a few antibacterial wipes in your bag can help reduce your likelihood of getting sick. Wipe down any gym equipment before using it, and clean your hands before touching your face.


What are your must-have items? Let us know in the comments.


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