5 Exercises That Can Help Firm Up and Lift Your Breasts



Have you noticed that your breasts don’t sit as high as they once did? It’s just another one of those annoying signs of aging! Women’s breasts tend to lose their altitude as they get older, and while many bras are engineered to help redirect this southwards migration, there are also some exercises you can try to perk them up.

Many women focus predominantly on cardio when they work out and are unaware of the benefits of weight training. However, it’s a fact that having well developed chest muscles can lift and firm your breasts because as the surrounding muscles become stronger, they get better at holding them up!

So the bench press isn’t just for the guys anymore; here are five exercises you can do at home to give you that extra lift. Start off by performing each exercise ten times and gradually work up to more.



No equipment or gym membership necessary. All you need is enough space to get down on the floor.

Get yourself into the Plank position: lie on the floor face down with a straight back and your weight distributed evenly between your toes and your hands. Place your hands under your shoulder joints, and bend at the elbows until your chest touches the floor. Then push yourself back up into the Plank position.

Alternatively, you can lower your knees to the floor rather than balancing on your toes. This can help take some pressure off your joints, and as it requires less effort than a traditional push-up, it’s perfect for beginners.


Bench Presses

A bench press can be done with either a barbell or a set of dumbbells.

To do this exercise, lay on a flat surface (ideally a weight bench) with your knees bent and your feet resting on the floor. Be careful not to arch your back, as this can cause injury.

Hold either a barbell or dumbbells above your chest with your arms extended straight up from the shoulder joint. Bend your elbows as you slowly lower the weights all the way down to touch your chest, then push back up until your elbows are straight again.

As with any exercise involving weights which is new to you, it’s a very good idea to work with a spotter.


Seated Dumbbell Flys

Begin in a seated position. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, bring them to meet in front of your eyes, palms facing toward you.

Keeping your elbows bent, push your arms out to your sides and then bring them back together allowing the dumbbells to meet in front of your eyes again.


Wall Presses

Sometimes, it’s just not practical or possible to get down on the floor for push-ups, but you can still get a good chest workout by doing wall presses.

Place your palms on a wall and step back so that your arms are fully extended. Keeping your feet where they are, bend your elbows and bring your chest towards the wall before pushing back to an upright standing position.



You may also know this as a Side Plank Pose. Begin by getting into the Plank position with a straight back and balancing on your palms and toes. Shift your weight to your left arm and turn your chest and face to the right as you extend your right arm straight up toward the ceiling. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then return to a neutral position before switching sides.

An Extra Boost

Firming creams can also help the appearance of your breasts. Bauer offers a great product called Bioxin Volume Lift, which can give you some extra lift in addition to your workouts. By combining a topical cream with regular, healthy exercise, you’ll be looking your perkiest best in no time!


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