5 Best Exercises for Fat Loss



Trying to lose weight is a challenge. You have to watch the foods that you eat, and perform the right exercises. If you don’t have a trainer or professional to help you make the right decisions, you’ll need learn by trial and error. Exercise in particular is essential to weight loss, and there are some that burn more fat than others. Here are five you can do to help kickstart your fitness goals.


Running is a great exercise for burning fat. It gets your heart rate up, and you could burn around 300-400 calories during an average 30 minute run. If you’re new, start out with 10 or 15 minutes, and build up your running time from there. The goal is to burn fat, but you don’t want to overdo it in the beginning. Also, wear a good pair of sneakers to support your feet.


Skating engages muscles throughout your body and burns tons of fat. Inline skating in particular bures nearly 430 calories with just 30 minutes of engagement. The primary side-to-side movement gives your legs, core, and butt a good workout; just remember to wear safety gear and skate on a smooth pavement. If you’re new to skating for weightloss, map out your route beforehand so you can accurately track your calories burned.

Jumping Rope

Who says you can’t have fun while burning calories? Jumping rope is a fun activity that burns a lot of fat. If you jump at a consistent pace for 30 minutes, you could burn over 300 calories. That’s a considerable amount of calories for an activity that virtually anyone could do. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can burn the same amount of calories by just jumping as if you were using one (though that’s not quite as fun).

Hula Hooping

Speaking of fun, remember hula hooping as a kid? Well this activity is great for adults too. You could burn about 250 calories in 30 minutes, and hula hoops are very inexpensive. The adult version are slightly heavier than the kid versions to help you manage the hoop better. Remember that you should shir your weight back and forth instead of moving your waist in a circular motion. And don’t worry if you look silly at first with practice, you’ll get the hang of it, and your waist will thank you for it.


Whether you’re dancing the night away at a wedding or taking a ballroom class, dancing burns fat, and is an effective exercise for weight loss. This is an easy way to lose weight if you like to dance, as it won’t feel like you’re working out at all. Just remember to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, and if you’re taking a class at a gym, sit in first and just watch the moves. This can help you prepare and know what to expect during the class.

Whenever possible, do these activities with a friend or exercise partner. Studies have shown that people are more prone to continue working out if they have a buddy doing it with them. You may not need this person all the time, but a few times each week is good whether you’re new to exercising or one who does it regularly.

When it comes to exercising and losing weight, the main goal is to get moving and doing the right fat burning moves. These exercises can help jumpstart your fitness journey, and make the process fun and enjoyable.


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