Should you Match Your Eyeshadow to Your Eye Color?

Your eye color is one of the most unique things about you. Wanting to showcase the emerald greens, baby blues, caramel browns, mysterious hazels, or cool grays present in your irises is a given – but how to do it properly?

Many women assume that the best way to bring out the natural color of their eyes is to match an eyeshadow color to their irises. This seems like it would make sense, right? After all, when you wear clothing that matches your eye color, sometimes your eyes seem to stand out even more than usual. So adding some eyeshadow in the same color should have the same effect.

Except, it doesn’t.

Some women are terribly disappointed to find that blue eyeshadow causes the natural blue in their eyes to get lost, or even to show up more like green or gray. The same goes for every eye color. If you match it too closely, you probably won’t like the results.

The reason matching eyeshadow can dull eyes while matching clothing can accentuate them has everything to do with proximity. There’s a good bit of space between your blouse and your eyes, but not nearly as much between your irises and eyelids. When you put two very similar colors close together, you may not be able to distinguish between them at all. This is what’s happening when you match your eyeshadow color to your irises.

In other words, the name of the game is contrast. Here’s what to do.

Brown Eyes

Of all the eye colors, brown eyes leave the most room for playing around. Brown is considered a neutral color, so there’s a wider range of options available to you. For the most dramatic contrast, consider purples or blues. You don’t have to go to bright or bold, just a hint of either color will bring out the rich tones in your eyes.

For very dark brown eyes – bordering on black – try sweeping silver or violet across your lids. Another great tip is to use a black eyeliner on your water line to add better definition.

Blue Eyes

Blue is a “cool” color, so to help blue eyes pop, you’ll want to look for warmer colors on the opposite end of the color wheel. The exact opposite of blue is orange. Now, not everyone feels comfortable sweeping electric tangerine across their eyelids, but you don’t have to go that bold.

Look for colors with tones of peach, apricot, ivory, or coral. Any one of these will provide a great base to showcase everything from aquamarine to deep navy irises. If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, perhaps for daytime wear, a warm brown, taupe, or bronze will also do the trick.

Gray Eyes

So, you have one of the rarest eye colors out there. Lucky you! Gray is also considered a neutral, so as with brown eyes you have a bit of room to play around here. Some great looks to try include earthy greens, purples, light browns, or even pale blues.

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Green Eyes

You’ll definitely want to avoid “cool” shades like gray or blue, because they can make that natural dazzling green seem washed out. The opposite of green is red, so look for shades with red undertones. Plum and burgundy always look lovely next to green eyes. Earthy browns with flecks of gold or bronze will also do wonders to highlight your bright, lovely eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes look absolutely wonderful with shimmery eyeshadows. To help highlight the natural contrast between the green and brown tones in your eyes, try sweeping some pale purple or pink across your eyelids. If you want to veer more into golden tones, look for an earthy eyeshadow with a gold or bronze metallic shimmer to it.

Remember, it may take time to achieve the perfect eyeshadow combination, but playing around is half the fun. If you ever get lost, just refer to the color wheel, and remember that opposites attract.

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