Metallic Makeup – Try it For Yourself!

Makeup trends have been decidedly matte for many years, so we couldn’t help but raise a perfectly penciled eyebrow when metallic makeup crashed onto the scene. At first, it was a few celebrities rocking it on the red carpet, then we began noticing people on the street getting in on the trend, but when it finally arrived at schools and offices, curiosity probably got the better of all of us.

There’s no denying it, metallic makeup is huge right now, but it’s also a radical change for many people. Here’s our guide for metallic newbies.

Tips for Making the Look Work

1: Start Slow

If you begin packing on metallic makeup the same way you have been applying your matte look for years, you may be a little stunned when you first see yourself in the mirror. So try beginning with a single swipe of rose gold on your eyelids, or choose a lipstick with a bronze shimmer to it.

Try incorporating a single metallic aspect to your everyday makeup look, and if you like it, build out from there.

2: Remember You Still Have to Match Your Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, you still want to go with warm colors. Yes, that icy metallic blue looks really cool in the display case, but it won’t look any better on you than any other blue ever has.

Same goes for cool skin tones. A metallic coral is going to look flat-out orange on you, so stick to the same color palette you normally use. Remember, you’re looking to add a metallic sheen, not necessarily to completely change up your look.

3: Use it as an Accent

A thin, elegant line on your upper lids, a soft luster on your cheeks, or perhaps just a little silver around the inner corners of your eyes can be striking on its own. If you find the metallic look to be a bit overwhelming at first, try using it as an accent to your regular makeup.

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What to Try

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a great way to add a metallic pop to your cosmetics kit. The shimmer will stand out between the contrast of your regular shadow, and your natural lash line. This can be an extremely eye-catching look for just a little bit of effort.


Shimmery shades have come and gone, but metallic goes a step beyond a vague sparkle. Metallic lipsticks can be as bold or as subtle as you want them to be. Try finding a color that matches your favorite shade, but also adds in that unmistakable glimmer. If you decide you are truly in love with metallics, go for a shade that leans into the shimmer even more.

Metallic Blush

Swiping some sparkle onto your cheeks can brighten up your entire look. A shimmer on your cheeks looks youthful, healthy, and playful, and the look works well for every season.

Blush may be a great entry point to the world of metallic makeup, especially if you are hesitant to try it on your eyes or lips at first. The subtle sheen will catch the light perfectly without being too bold or overwhelming.

Eye shadow

Metallic eye shadows do a lot of talking on their own. If you are the kind of person who’s used to layering on four different shades to achieve the perfect look, you may be surprised to find that your eyes pop with just a base and an accent color when you use metallics.

For a truly dramatic look, try combining metallic eye shadow with metallic eyeliner.

If you’ve been hesitant to try out metallics because you thought they were a bit much, it’s time to take a second look. This isn’t the chunky glitter of the 90s, nor is it the opalescent shimmer of some of your old favorites. This is an entirely new look, and you may find that you like it a lot more than you thought you would.

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