Make up Like a Pro: How to Camouflage Jowls

Makeup advertisements are typically full of models with sharply defined cheekbones, angular jaw lines, and pointed chins. However, we are not all blessed with model-like looks. Many of us struggle with poorly defined cheekbones and jaw lines, and sagging jowls.

But here’s a secret: rather than running off to the plastic surgeon and doing something drastic, you can do an awful lot to conceal the look of jowls with nothing more sophisticated than a good contouring palette, some quality makeup brushes, and a little patience.

Here are the tips you need to know.

Extend Your Foundation Down Onto Your Neck

Foundation accomplishes several things for us: it can even out skin tone, cover over minor blemishes, and create a uniform base on which to apply the rest of our makeup. However, if your face winds up being a completely different color than your neck, that can actually draw more attention to jowls and other imperfections.

If you’re looking to conceal sagging cheeks or jowls, you should remember to extend your foundation down under your chin, and onto your neck. Use a blending sponge to bounce along the edges, blurring any hard lines and making your face and neck a uniform color.

Blur Jowl Lines with a Highlighting Concealer

One of the things that make jowls more noticeable is that they can create shadows on your face. To counteract this darkening effect, a highlighting concealer works wonders.

Apply a small amount of highlighting concealer along the edges of jowls to brighten up those otherwise dark areas, and use a makeup sponge to blend out the lines, leaving just a natural-looking lightness shining through.

Define and Highlight Your Jawline

Defining your jawline will add shape and structure to your face, and also help draw the eye away from any sagging around your cheeks. To define your jawline, use a contouring color two shades darker than your foundation. You can use a liquid or powder contour, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Use a contouring brush to create a sharp line beginning just underneath your earlobe, and following your jawline all the way around to the point of your chin. Repeat this on the other side.

When blending your jawline contour color, work downward, and let it wrap under your chin. This can also have the effect of helping to “push back” the appearance of a double chin.

To finish off this look, apply a lighter highlighting powder just above the jawline contour you have created. Blend the highlighter upward onto your chin.

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Carve Out Some Cheekbones With Contouring

To give yourself defined cheekbones, start by feeling for the ridge of your cheekbone with your fingers. Beginning about an inch away from your mouth, apply a bronzer or dark contour color and sweep it in an upward diagonal beneath your cheekbone, and all the way out to your hairline.

Blend out the edges of this line to achieve a contoured shadow giving the appearance of a defined cheekbone. To add more dramatic definition, sweep a highlighting powder just above the contour line right where you can feel your cheekbone most prominently and blend in.

Sweep All Makeup Upward

Whether you are applying foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow, or blush, the important thing to remember is to sweep all makeup upward from the center of your face out toward your hairline. No straight horizontal lines, and certainly no downward strokes. This has the effect of lifting all of your features, and drastically minimizing the appearance of jowls.

As you can see, just a few simple changes to your makeup routine can make a dramatic difference to the way you look. Try a few of these techniques to see which ones work best for you. You can begin by trying out one or two, gradually working your way up to incorporating all five of these makeup secrets into your daily routine.


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