How to Avoid Those Workout Acne Breakouts

Breakouts are a headache, and when you’re working out, it’s the last thing that you want to worry about. But the truth is that many people have breakouts because of their exercise activities. If you’ve developed acne and suspect that your workout routine  is the prime suspect, then here are five ways to combat breakouts while exercising.

Wear a Headband

Wearing a headband while working out will help to keep the sweat off of your face and out of your  eyes. This can greatly reduce breakouts, as this sweat carries oil and other residue from your hair directly to your face. You don’t need a special headband, but do use one that is comfortable and of good quality. You’ll need to wash it often, so that it doesn’t become the cause of your breakouts.

Lift Your Hair Off Your Face

Pin your hair up, or put it back in a ponytail when working out. This is another method used to keep oil and residue from hair products off of your face, neck, and back.  You’ll probably also find this is more comfortable than having it fling all over the place while you exercise. Of course, if your hair is shorter, then you won’t have this problem. Also, whether your hair is short or long, make sure it’s kept clean to limit the amount of oil, dirt and residue that you have to deal with in the first place.

Wash Your Face Immediately After a Workout

Even if you wear a headband and pull your hair back, some sweat from your hair can still find it’s way to your face. When this happens, make sure you shower and wash your face immediately after your workout. This ensures that any dirt and oil doesn’t sit in your pores for too long. Be sure not to scrub your skin  too hard though, or you may actually create irritation and cause breakouts. Also, use an oil free moisturizer afterwards if your skin is normally prone to breakouts. It’s always important to put some moisture back into your skin after using cleansers.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water while working out is a good way to “purge your pores”. Often, when you sweat, oil and dirt are brought to the surface of the skin. By drinking water and staying hydrated during a workout, you give your body plenty of water to continue purging the impurities from your skin. It’s the equivalent of running water over your face, but instead the water is coming from the inside. You still need to wash your face afterwards, but the extra water does help rinse away oil and dirt while you sweat.

Don’t Wipe Sweat Away With Your Hands

You may be tempted to wipe away sweat with your hands, but this can really make matters worse when it comes to breakouts. Always use a clean cloth to remove sweat from your face, as your hands contain a number of germs and bacteria that would love to find it’s way to your pores – especially when they’ve been handling all that communal exercise equipment. When using a cloth, remember to blot away the sweat, instead of roughly raking the towel across your face.

Working out is a challenge by itself, not to mention having to worry about your skin and breakouts. Sweat is inevitable when exercising , but you can take steps to help minimize your risk of developing acne in the process. Hair is often the main culprit of workout acne, so just pulling it out of your face and wearing a headband should make a big difference. Keep your hair clean, and drink plenty of water while exercising. These tips alone will help drastically decrease your workout acne.


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