Botox in a bottle – Is snake venom the botox alternative we all need?


If you’ve ever considered botox, but wanted to avoid the pain and high cost, you may have heard of the affordable alternative, Syn-ake. Dubbed ‘botox in a bottle’, Syn-ake is a synthetic peptide which simulates the effects of temple snake venom. It may sound like a very strange idea to want to rub snake venom on your face, but bear with us on this one!

Get your venom face on

Anyone who knows anything about venomous snakes will know that they’re capable of paralysing any small critters they come across with just one small bite. This happens because snake venom contains a peptide which works as a neuromuscular block. It prevents the uptake of sodium ion and paralyses muscles. If you’re a snake, it really is a great way to make your breakfast sit still while you eat it.

But paralysing muscles isn’t just handy for snakes. You see, when muscles relax, the skin above it has a smoother appearance – so when that skin is on your face, this could be quite advantageous. Now hopefully you can see where we are going with this!

Beauty without the brutality

Obviously, it’s not practical or humane to go around winding snakes up just to get their venom for you to rub on your face, so scientists came up with a synthetic alternative – syn-ake.

Syn-ake contains a synthetic tripeptide which has the same effect on muscles as the real thing, and it’s become extremely popular with women from all walks of life, including celebrities.

What can Syn-ake help with?

This ‘Botox in a bottle’ has been found to dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in studies carried out. Women of all ages claim the product has helped them to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on several areas of their body, including:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crows feet
  • Expression lines

Does Syn-ake really work?

Syn-ake has been taken seriously by the medical world for many years now. Before it was discovered to be useful as an anti-wrinkle treatment, doctors used it to treat various ailments, including migraines, tremors, spasms and even excess sweating.

A study carried out in 1999 showed that Syn-ake was able to reduce the frequency of contractions of muscle cells beneath the skin by a massive 82% after just 2 hours of treatment in laboratory conditions. This allowed the skin above the muscle to relax, proving extremely effective at smoothing the appearing of facial wrinkles. Skin care experts were quick to realise this synthetic peptide was the holy grail of anti-ageing skin care, hence the various products which soon became available worldwide.

‘Botox in a bottle’ became the next big thing, and it’s a trend which has never died. With Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham all having been said to be happy to sport a venom face in return for the chance of less visible wrinkles.

So, to answer the question: “Does Syn-ake really work?”, Yes, it does!

How and where to buy Syn-ake

Syn-ake has been added to various skin products over the years, but buying from some online sources such as Ebay or Amazon can leave you at risk of purchasing products which are poor quality, fake, or even dangerous.

For this reason, when buying online, it’s always better to buy skin care products directly from a reputable retailers’ own website.

As a rule, the ingredients which are contained within a product are listed in the order of highest concentration, so always look for a product which contains Syn-ake as one of the first three ingredients for maximum impact.

An important note about moisturisation

While the obvious thing to do would be to use a day cream containing Syn-ake, look around for a solution which gives you 24-hour cover for even more dramatic results, particularly if your skin is very dry, or your wrinkles deeper than average.

When looking to maximise the effect of Syn-ake, the very best solution would be to use a day cream which contains a higher concentration of Syn-ake, in conjunction with a night cream which has a slightly lower quantity of Syn-ake, but also a good quantity of an ingredient called Hylasome EG10.

Hylasome EG10 compliments Syn-ake extremely well – its a crosslinked hyaluronic acid that delivers moisture deep into the skin – essential for getting the most from Syn-ake. Hylasome EG10 has a unique nonequilibrium gel structure that holds tightly bound water.

When applied to the skin, it actually forms an invisible film, which ensures moisture is delivered deep into the dermis. In order to get the best results from Syn-ake, it’s absolutely essential the skin is very well moisturised, hence why a combination of Syn-ake and Hylasome EG10 works so well.

The simple solution

One simple way to get the balance right is by using BIOXIN Regenerative Day Cream, which can be used in conjunction with BIOXIN Regenerative Night Cream.

The BIOXIN day cream contains the highest quantity of Syn-ake, for everyday use, while the night cream contains the all important Hylasome EG10 alongside Syn-ake, to ensure your skin has the chance to absorb all the moisture it needs overnight.

Either of these two products used alone will dramatically help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but used together the results have been known to be phenomenal. Take a look at some of the reviews below for BIOXIN day and night cream:


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Have you used creams containing Syn-ake before? Let us know how you got on below.



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