6 Quick and Effective Ways to Rid Yourself of Unsightly Skin Tags

Medically speaking, skin tags are harmless. Cosmetically speaking, they’re annoying. They tend to show up on your neck, eyelids, underarms, groin, or under your breasts. Many people consider them unsightly, and in some cases they may become irritated if your clothing rubs them throughout the day.  

You’ll find all sorts of advice on how to remove them, some of which might open you up to infection or complications, which can be very dangerous. So here is our list of the six safest methods to rid yourself of these unwanted blemishes.

Surgical Removal

Dermatologists are able to quickly and easily remove skin tags in a number of different ways. These may include cutting, freezing, or burning them off. Each one has its own benefits and risks which your doctor could discuss with you. But be advised that insurance companies may not cover their removal since skin tags are not really seen as detrimental to your health.


Vinegar contains acetic acid which may provide enough of a drying effect to remove skin tags. Naturally, you will want to be careful when applying any caustic substance to your skin, as too much of it could cause irritation. To use this method: soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, and apply to the skin tag three times a day. In a matter of days you may notice that the skin tag is drying out, and it should then fall off.

Rubbing Alcohol

This method has a similar theory and execution to the vinegar method above. This involves dabbing a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol on the affected area several times a day until the skin tag loosens and falls off. Rubbing alcohol is extremely drying, so if your skin becomes red or irritated, it’s best to discontinue this method. Do not use rubbing alcohol anywhere near your eyes or other sensitive areas such as your groin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E comes in capsules and is very good for your skin. For the safe removal of skin tags, break open a vitamin E capsule, rub the oil onto the affected area, and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this process every few days until you notice that the skin tag is ready to fall off. Then carefully pull it away from the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be applied to a skin tag with a cotton swab three times a day. When you notice it darkening, this means the skin around it is dying, and the skin tag will eventually fall off. Repeat this process until you can easily remove it.

Use a Specialized Product

If you would like to use a more controlled method, there are specialized products on the market designed specifically for the safe and effective removal of skin tags. Bioxin skin tag removal cream from Bauer is formulated for twice-daily use, and removes skin tags without any harsh chemicals.

No matter which method you choose to try, remember to use common sense. If your skin becomes too irritated, or if cracks or sores appear, stop the method immediately, and let your skin heal completely before trying another. Approach this in a safe way, and discover that you really can remove your skin tags at home.


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