6 Cold Weather Beauty Hacks to Protect and Revitalize Your Skin and Hair

Cold weather can come with its own set of beauty challenges. As the temperature plummets, and the angle of the sun gets lower, we find ourselves having to deal with everything from parched skin to washed-out complexions.

To help bring back a healthy glow during the darker months, try these cold weather beauty hacks – they’re simple but effective!

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

True, you’re probably not going to get a sunburn in February, but that doesn’t mean you’ll avoid harsh sun damage altogether. Temperature has very little to do with UV radiation, yet every year, women and men disregard this important fact and skip the sunscreen in the winter. It’s recommended that you use an SPF 20 product every day, and that even includes when it’s cold.

Back Off the Powder Cosmetics

Have you been noticing a flaky or scratchy appearance to your skin lately? A winter climate can really dry out your skin, and in an effort to cover it up, you can sometimes make it a lot worse.

The delicate skin around your eyes can be especially susceptible to dryness, so if you’re looking for an eyeshadow that won’t exacerbate the problem, try a cream shadow instead of powder. Same goes for blush and foundation too. Save the powdered stuff for summer, and stick with cream-based options in the cold weather.

Use Cotton Gloves for Overnight Hand Treatments

A cold snap can make your hands appear to age before your very eyes. It can be really difficult to keep on top of chapped hands because each time you wash them with soap you’re stripping more natural oils from your skin.

But don’t skip the handwashing – especially during flu season. Instead, treat your hands to a thick, intense moisturizer at bedtime, and wear cotton gloves to make sure the treatment stays put. Repeat twice a week for best results.

Combat Chapped Lips With Honey

Lip protection is important, but even the most fastidious lip balm users can still wind up with dry, flaking lips. A great natural remedy is to mix a half-teaspoon of cane sugar with a teaspoon of honey to make a gentle and natural lip scrub.

This scrub can be used once a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember to keep up with lip protection afterwards, and always look for one that offers an SPF of at least 15.

Use Vitamin E Oil on Your Hair

If you’ve ever broken open a vitamin E supplement, you’ll notice that each capsule is filled with sticky oil. This oil is concentrated vitamin E, and it can do wonders for parched hair. Once a week, break open a few capsules and smooth the oil onto split ends for some emergency hair repair.

Treat Your Skin to Deep Moisture Day and Night

Winter can make you look older than you are. The dry winter air enhances fine lines and wrinkles, and the cold weather can lead to irritation. The best approach is to combat this drying effect both during the day and at night.

Bauer Nutrition offers Bioxin Regenerative Creams specially formulated for both day and night use. The daytime formula will help protect your skin from the harsh elements, while the night formula helps promote deep repair while you sleep.


Don’t let the cold weather get you down. With just a few adjustments, you can fight back against the winter, and look your best all year round.


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